Technologies Defining Art Right Now

In today’s article, we look at the technology that is defining the art world and changing yet enhancing that artists are capable of creating. Technology has expanded and enriched the definition of art in many ways.

1. Drones

Even a couple of years ago, drones were strictly only found in military operations and substantial multinational operations. Then suddenly your nephew got given one for Christmas, and people started using them create stunning wedding videos and help prisoners escape from jail. For photographers and video artists, drones have made available aerial shots that would previously have required a helicopter, crane, or even hot air balloon. Some high-quality drone art can be found on mainstream platforms such as YouTube which shows how accessible it is nowadays and how even an amateur artist can utilise technology to create something that looks professional.

2. 3D

3D technology brings imaged to life and adds a whole dimension to traditional art mediums. In a modern museum, there are no longer sedentary, in fact exhibition display cabinets are interactive and life-like displays made possible by technology. Screens are transformed into a dynamic museum display showcasing modern and inspiring work.

3. Green Screen

Green screen is affordable and accessible and not too hard to use either. Green screen technology has long been used in the performing arts and television area, but now it is being used in photography incorporating in creating mixed-medium masterpieces. The power of a simple green screen is often overlooked with other fancy technology overshadowing it.

4. Oculus Rift and Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality (VR) is a relatively new field of technology and is slowly being embraced by more digital artists. It is possible to create an entirely different world using VR, which incorporates 3D technology to create a 360-degree image. Human senses are fully immersed in the VR environment and are being used in video games to deliver a full in body experience. VR artists are essentially animators, sketch artists and technical developers all in one. Creating a complete suite of VR technology is hard work and artists are embracing new possibilities.

5. Social Media and the Internet

Social media is technology that has changed the lifestyle of a generation and art. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Tumblr are powerful platforms for artists to showcase their work as well as engage with a community. You will find a vast variety of artists of social media, from digital artists, tattoo artists, animators and videography. The internet, in general, has engaged artists from around the work with each other and with customers. Many platforms exist that revolve around the buying and selling of artwork and customers can access art from around the world that they might have never seen without the internet.

6. Digital Sketching Technology

The advancement of digital technology for artists has not fallen behind. Popular sketching tablets and systems such as those by Wacom and just an IPad or Galaxy Tablet with an app has allowed artists to be creative on the go as well as come up with exciting new methods of creating art. Some models by Wacom even enable the paper to digital artwork conversion where you sketch on paper on top of the tablet, which then creates a digital copy of your artwork.

7. Cameras

Cameras have always been an integral part of the artwork, creating memories since the day of its invention. New camera technology even just on smartphones allows quality photographs to be taken conveniently. The advancement of camera technology allows everyone to explore the art of photography as well as easily edit and enhance using computer technology and software.

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