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Bridging the gap between knowledge and potential is the most crucial process for innovation to take place. Staying up to date with new technological advancements is of greater importance today than ever before. The most successful companies of today are those that have adapted to an online world. Coronavirus forced any companies into the digital era, and those such as Apple, Amazon and eBay have thrived. Some tech companies, including those that run start-up conventions, have also gone online recently. Here’s how you can stay up to date with the tech of the future:

Read Scientific Papers 

There’s no limit with what research work can come up with in terms of findings, interpretations, and data comparison. On top of the newest information, the proof is there to back it up with quantitative data that can string together something with a possibility. And so, whatever immediate reaction, result, or outcome can be accessed first-hand. See this raw data from a different perspective. If you have a background in IT, other people’s research may give you an idea collectively. 

Keep Up with the Latest News

News on a Tablet

There’s no way to know what’s new except to keep in touch with a reliable source of the freshest information regarding uprising technology. Apps that provide you with the latest news even while offline like Panda and Pocket may help in this area. Recode, and TechCrunch is publications that touch the technological industry giving out the latest in this subject. If you are a visual kind, you may increase your learning curve by watching 2-minute videos every day through YouTube as you follow these channels: The Verge, Two Minute Papers and Wired. Another way to keep up with the latest trends is to attend a technology conference. 

Attend Symposiums, Conferences & Meet-Ups 

RISE, the largest tech gathering in Asia features gadgets, apps, and computer programs, including start-ups and technological predictions. You can even sit down with a panel of programmers, content makers, and anybody working on creating a breakthrough in the industry. They are given ample time in discussing their unique journeys, encouraging inspiring creative minds to go for their dreams in terms of taking over technological innovations. There are also mini pop-up meetings where the latest news and discoveries were introduced on closed doors first while research may be ongoing or further study may be on schedule as follow up. 

Similarly, Pause Fest is a 2021 tech conference in Australia also features new technologies and innovative companies. This year, Pause Fest has gone digital, with the entire conference taking place online. Due to Coronavirus restrictions, international travel has been put on halt, and large, public gatherings are against government regulations. Because of these challenges, Pause Fest has adapted to an ever-changing scene by creating a fully virtual event. The event will take place on March 1-12 this year.

In order to stay up to date with the latest tech, you need to do a few things: first, research technological advancements. Investigate how things work and what they can do for the world in the future. Second, sign up to some tech news subscriptions. This way, you’ll be notified of new tech advancements straight to your email inbox! And last but not least, attend some tech conferences that will expand your network and your knowledge of current developments in the tech world.

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