The very best Solar-Powered USB Chargers

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Finest Batteries For Taking Free Energy From the Sun

After thinking about 70 contenders and screening for over 30 hours, we determined that the Anker PowerPort Solar Lite is the very best portable solar charger for people who want to power a phone or little device when in an emergency situation or off the grid with no network services by using the same technology as a solar hot water system. We likewise like the RAVPower 15-W Solar Charger, which is partially more effective, but a lot less portable.

The catch is that these chargers work only with USB gadgets, which limits their appeal for those who require them for long-term, off-grid setups. If you’re going to be primarily stationary and need to charge or run larger devices like laptops or TVs, or more sophisticated devices that need Air Conditioning power, you’ll most likely be more thinking about the larger setups from business like Objective No or Suntactics, which we plan to review later this year.

In fact, even if you do not need AC power, you might be much better off avoiding the solar charger altogether and starting with a USB battery pack. Our big battery choice will keep a mobile phone charged every night for a week and is no bigger than a paperback novel. However if you’ll be on the trail for more than a week, you cannot ensure your power requires, or you want something to tuck into your emergency situation set, a solar battery charger could fill up a little battery pack in a day or directly charge a mobile phone in 2 to 3 hours.

Effective And Portable: Anker PowerPort Solar Lite

The Anker PowerPort Solar Lite is the very best portable solar battery charger since it has the very best combination of charging speed, size, and cost. Its two-panel style created nearly as much power as our previous three-panel choice (the RAVPower 15-W Solar Charger) and is two times as effective as the far more expensive Objective Zero Wanderer 7.

As a result, you get practically just as much charging ability in a package that is about half the size and weight of our previous pick with power that is up there with solar hot water panels. The Anker is 46cm long unfolded and weighs 354.37 g compared with the 79cm long, 677.55 g RAVPower. Utilized alone, the Anker can fully charge small tablets or a couple of mobile phones in one sunny day. If you match the Anker with one of our favourite USB battery packs, the combination will have sufficient juice to keep your USB-powered gizmos fully charged every day for as long as needed.

Though the Anker PowerPort Solar Lite’s determined average (6 watts/1.17 amps) was less than the 15 watts/2.1 amps advertised in the specifications, it peaked at 8.48 watts/1.67 amps in direct winter sun, which real-world performance remained in line with the very best of the competitors. After filling up from the PowerPort all day, our test battery released just 15 percent less power than the battery powered by the much bigger and much heavier RAVPower charger.

Beyond power output, the Anker solves an irritating problem typical to other battery chargers. If they get shaded for a moment– from a passing cloud or pedestrian– they can get stuck in a slow-charging state or turned off totally. The Anker and runner-up RAVPower both went back to full-speed charging right away after being shaded. However 2 of the panels we evaluated, including the otherwise-excellent Poweradd, got stuck in a slow-charging state after simply a few seconds in the shade. Some products offer effective IT support for customers.

A Bit More Powerful However A Lot Larger: RAVPower 15-W Solar Battery charger

The RAVPower 15-W Solar Charger was our leading pick till the brand-new Anker battery charger came out, and it’s still a great alternative, if a slightly bulkier one. In direct sun, they both produce about the exact same amount of power– in our tests we determined 1.71 amps from the RAVPower vs. 1.67 amps for the Anker. Under indirect sun– what you’ll likely get in the morning or late afternoon– the RAVPower in fact does better, able to pump out 1 amp in the late afternoon when the Anker had already efficiently shut down for the night. Over the course of a whole day, however, the RAVPower netted us just 15 per cent more energy in our external battery pack– about 500 mAh. That suffices to provide just an extra 15 to 25 percent for many mobile phones– insufficient to necessitate the size or weight increase.

Microsoft Is Producing Smartglasses For Building Employees And Other Little Biz Tech News Today

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Here are 5 things in technology innovation that occurred this previous week and how they impact your service. Did you miss them?

1– Building and construction employees will quickly get smartglasses, Microsoft hopes

The business is dealing with the University of Cambridge to evaluate its Hololens smartglasses for building. The Hololens has actually been readily available to designers since 2016, however its customer release date to crane hire companies is still unidentified. My business, the Marks Group, is a Microsoft Partner. (Source: Computer system Organisation Evaluation).

Why this is essential for your service:

If you’re a specialist or in the building and construction market, anticipate in the future that smartglasses will assist your employees carry out evaluations or recognize structural crane mistakes and issues so your managers and professionals can examine and use services from another location and in real time.

2– Google Translate will now let users check out Japanese immediately by means of their hovering mobile phones.

Translation tools are improving and are much better then previously. Microsoft revealed a couple of weeks ago that Skype can translate in actual time. Now Google states that its Translate app will let users hover their smart device in front of a piece of text written in Japanese and quickly equate it. That must make your next journey to Tokyo a little…. no a lot more easier! (Source VentureBeat).

Why this is necessary for your organisation:

For numerous business, broadening to other nations is an essential method to grow. Language has actually constantly been a substantial headache– brand-new tools like this will ideally make it much easier for you to do business overseas.

3– MailChimp has actually introduced assistance for Facebook advertising campaign

The popular e-mail marketing service is … wait … using services beyond e-mail. MailChimp’s brand-new functions will let their members utilize their existing e-mail lists to target potential customers and clients on Facebook and after that develop Facebook advertising campaigns all within the application. (Source: TechCrunch).

Why this is very important for your service:

If your organisation is active on Facebook, and you do a great deal of emailing, here’s a possibility to bring your marketing activities on both platforms together under one roofing. MailChimp states that 16 percent of its more than 15 million users are ecommerce business, so this relocation makes good sense. We hope to see better integration of MailChimp with other platforms and marketing strategies in the future. A google partner in Melbourne has hinted that future integrations with Google business services may be on the cards in the future

4– Your workers can now take Lyft Line flights to go to and from work.

The popular ride-sharing app has actually revealed that commuters in lots of significant cities like Seattle, New york city and Miami can now utilize pretax dollars to take a trip to work by means of Lyft Line. The brand-new program lets workers conserve “approximately 40 percent on flights,” stated the business. (Source: GeekWire).

Why this is necessary for your organisation:

Assisting to settle the high expense of travelling is an excellent advantage to provide to your workers. Lyft Line will deal with services like WageWorks, TransitChek, Advantage Resource, Commuter Advantage Solutions, Navia and Zenefits.

5– GoDaddy has a brand-new website-building tool for small companies.

The popular webhosting services has actually presented a tool that will permit users to “develop a total site from a mobile phone in under an hour.” Inning accordance with the business, the item likewise includes a suite of SEO and e-mail marketing tools, Facebook page combination and a control panel that supplies suggestions on the best ways to increase traffic and sales. (Source: ZDNet).

Why this is essential for your organisation:

You require a site for your start up events. You do not have the time or the savvy to develop one. You do not have the cash either. This looks like the best tool for the on-the-go Millennial business owners and this new platform is a real competitor for custom craft and wordpress websites.

View-Master Virtual Reality Headset Evaluation: Academic But Requires More Enjoyment

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Kids hanging out in virtual reality? That’s currently a phenomenon– Minecraft– and it does not need a headset.

Mattel’s newest device avoids ender dragons and nether websites, however. It’s a virtual reality (VR) headset focused on kids, with its own suite of instructional apps.


Newly-available in the UK, the gadget sports a brand name that must recognize to lots of moms and dads: View-Master. It’s a revival of the stereoscopic photo-scrolling toy, other than with VR and apps instead of circular cardboard reels.

The View-Master Virtual Reality Beginner Load expenses ₤ 22.99, that includes the headset and a “sneak peek reel”– a plastic disc modelled on the initial reels, which is utilized to introduce the material– for the 3 launch apps: Locations, Area and Wildlife.

These can be downloaded totally free from Apple’s App Shop and Android’s Google Play shop, and operate on your smart device– which clips inside the headset to serve as its screen.

Locations provides a series of popular landmarks to look at in 360 degrees, consisting of the Statue of Liberty, the Tower of London and the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza.  It can help a student’s biology tutor in explaining the complexities of the subject, or other available activities according to the appropriate apps.

Wildlife puts kids in the middle of the Australian wilderness where you can look down at your mens boots, the African savannah and the Amazon jungle to examine the regional animals. And Area provides the planetary system, spaceships and constellation maps to nose around.

To utilize the complete apps, you’ll either have to purchase their boxed “experience loads” that can be paid with an in-app purchase cost to open them digitally or ₤ 7.99 each. On iOS, they cost ₤ 10.99 each, while on Android they cost ₤ 11.70– most likely to consider the 30% cut of purchases taken by Apple and Google.

The View-Master headset is a plastic gadget, however it’s totally suitable with the Google Cardboard VR requirements. That implies it can be utilized to run any Google Cardboard app too: Google has a list of a couple of good ones on its site, in addition to a devoted classification on its Android app shop.

Moms and dads must keep in mind that not every Cardboard app is targeted at kids, so inspect their descriptions prior to downloading so there aren’t ads as innocent as womens shoes sales.

The View-Master headset feels tough, with its stylish lock offering self-confidence even if your kid gets over-excited by a virtual crocodile or gas-giant world and drops the gadget.

There’s a list of supported handsets, however the headset needs to deal with any iPhone or Android smart device with a screen approximately 6 inches– my Nexus 5x and iPhone 6 Plus both clipped in without an issue.

Utilizing the apps is easy: you introduce them on the mobile phone, and if you own the experience pack, scan a provided pass-card to show it, then point the audience at one of the reels to start. Browsing around the apps is dealt with by taking a look at drifting icons, and pushing the headset’s lever to pick them.

The apps themselves are a variety. My 2 kids discovered the National Geographic-branded Wildlife pack the most interesting, as they peered around the environments identifying animals and viewing video of them.

The area app readies too, with its worlds and constellations ideal for 360-degree watching. Locations was less outstanding: as much an issue of expectations as anything, as my kids didn’t truly comprehend why they could not wander easily around the landmarks.

They likewise stated they wished to play video games involving chemistry sets, ideal for a chemistry tutor or a teacher wearing womens ankle boots struggling to get a student involved in or understand the subject, instead of simply take a look at scenes and info, as soon as the preliminary adventure of VR had actually disappeared. View-Masters’ 3 launch apps might do an excellent task of offering moms and dads on the headset’s benefits for education on topics even including womens boots fashion, however they might up the enjoyable quota a bit for the kids who’ll really be utilizing them.

That’s where the Google Cardboard compatibility might be a possession: other designers might produce enjoyable, engaging (and, yes, academic) Cardboard apps focused on kids, with more motion and gameplay. Those will deal with the View-Master too.

A basic Google Cardboard headset would be a more affordable method to check out that possible– a lot of expense ₤ 15- ₤ 20– although if it’s your mobile phone sitting within, you might choose the View-Master’s plastic real estate and stylish clip to cardboard and velcro.

Microsoft Surface Area Book with Efficiency Base Evaluation: Is It Helpful for Service?

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When it released in 2015, Microsoft’s Surface Area Book was quickly the most flexible device for innovative specialists on the marketplace. No rival might come close to matching its mix of a versatile 2-in-1 style, removable display screen, first-class pen assistance and large visual power. And now this Swiss Army knife of a laptop computer has actually gotten a huge upgrade, making it a lot more remarkable mobile studio– albeit an expensive one.

The revitalized Surface Area Book provides two times the graphics abilities of in 2015’s design, thanks to the consisted of “Efficiency Base” keyboard dock that houses a beefed-up GPU. However while the system makes high marks for its adaptability, visual power and premium style, it’s just overkill for a lot of employees, beginning at a shocking $2,399. But for innovative specialists who desire a laptop computer that makes absolutely no compromises, there’s absolutely nothing else like the brand-new Surface Area Book in the age of digital transformation


This isn’t really the Surface Area Book 2, so do not anticipate any huge style modifications from in 2015’s design. If you’re not acquainted with the Surface Area Book, however, you make sure to bear in mind of its distinctively rounded hinge, which looks a bit like the tread on a futuristic tank, and provides the system a streamlined tapered profile. However the hinge likewise keeps the display screen from sitting flush with the keyboard. It’s a fascinating style that’s really practical, because it supplies a comfy angled writing surface area for keeping in mind with the consisted of Surface area pen– however more on that later on.

There are a couple of huge tradeoffs to the tapered style, however, the greatest being that dirt and dust have the tendency to build up in the area around the hinge. That’s specifically real if you’re pulling the system in and out of a laptop computer bag on your day-to-day commute, so it would be smart to purchase a protective sleeve.

While the brand-new Surface Area Book looks nearly similar to in 2015’s design, it isn’t really rather as commuter-friendly. That’s due to the fact that Microsoft boosted the style to accommodate an additional cooling fan, which is needed to keep the system’s temperature level down with a more effective graphics card on board. It’s a bit thicker, and a little much heavier compared with the standard Surface area Reserve design (3.68 pounds. vs. 3.34 pounds.). On the bright side, the much heavier base keeps it anchored to your desk, making it simpler to raise the cover.

Competing systems are a lot lighter. The Spectre x360 weighs simply 2.8 lbs., while the 13-inch MacBook Pro (non-Touch Bar) weighs in at 3.02 pounds. Employees who reward mobility above all else– and do not mind losing the Surface area Book’s discrete graphics and removable screen– might be much better off with among those.

2-in-1 performance

What actually sets the Surface area Schedule apart from other laptop computers its removable display screen. The system’s 13.5-inch screen removes totally from the keyboard dock with journalism of a button, situated simply to the left of the Erase essential near the leading right corner of the basic QWERTY design

When its separated, you have a few alternatives. Initially, you can utilize the screen like a big standalone tablet. That works quite well, particularly considering that Windows 10 immediately changes to a touch-friendly tablet mode when you undock. Tablet mode comes in handy for utilizing touchscreen apps, or for keeping in mind on the screen without needing to carry around the large keyboard.

The other choice is to reattach the display screen in the reverse orientation. That lets you sketch and remember with the keyboard connected, which comes in handy for a number of factors. As formerly pointed out, it offers a comfy angled writing surface area. However more notably, sketching with the Efficiency Base keyboard connected lets you make the most of the dock’s discrete graphics card, which is a big perk for imaginative pros.

Separating and reattaching the screen fasts and simple, however there are a couple of constraints. Particularly, you cannot remove the display screen if the Surface area Book is running software application that actively utilizes the GPU. Thankfully, the system is clever enough through the act of testing software to acknowledge which software application is obstructing you. When I attempted to separate while utilizing Photoshop or Mixer, a window turned up informing me to close the programs initially.

The Roku Streaming Stick Review


I found this review of the Roku Streaming Stick quite fair and balanced so I thought I would post it here. The original article can be found HERE

The Reviewer ranked it 5 stars.

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

I could only recommend one device for streaming video today, it would be the new Roku Streaming Stick. At $50 it’s one of the least expensive home video devices you can buy. It’s also one of the best.

Roku is the king of streaming, with more worthwhile apps than anybody else. Its search runs circles around the competition, hitting most major services and presenting the results by price. And I like its interface better too, with its full customization giving the power to arrange the apps you want, where you want them.

The old Roku Stick was my favorite device of its kind, mainly because it offered the cheapest way to get Roku’s service. I also loved the tiny design, allowing it to be tucked up behind a TV, out of sight, or even slipped into a pocket for easy portability. But I always found it too slow to respond, especially with complex apps.

The new version — available for sale as of April 20 — is much faster, just as speedy in everyday use as the Roku 2 and Roku 3 boxes, and feels as responsive as any modern streaming device. It lacks the headphone jack and voice search found on the Roku 3’s remote, but you can use both of those features via Roku’s app on your phone, and they work great.

Is there any reason not to buy the Roku Stick? Maybe if you’re perfectly happy with your current streamer. Or you don’t mind paying extra for that fancy Roku 3 remote, or you want the 4K streaming available on the Roku 4. If you have a bunch of stuff on iTunes or want to play phone or tablet games on the big screen, get an Apple TV. If you really love using your phone instead of a dedicated remote, or want to put video from your computer on your TV, go with a Chromecast. There are a few other good reasons to buy something other than a Roku, but most are corner cases or involve streaming “files” on your home network.

Streaming video is more popular than ever, and the new Roku Stick is simply the best device at the best price for pretty much all of your streaming needs.

Alexa Voice Remote Vs Amazon Fire TV Stick


This our first official product review with many, many more to come in the near future!

The Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote at its cheapest costs just $40. It didn’t always listen but it was always on! It used to require your TV to be on but you needed to talk into a microphone of sorts. Once you did that, the Stick should have behaved just like any other Alexa device on the market. She had a rather robotic female voice that replied to stupid questions like, ‘are you capable of loving anything’ or ‘how much is 0 minus 0’ and then on the screen came your answer. She was also able to turn on the lights in any room, set the heat up or down and also be able to interact with any other Alexa capable device you happened to have in your home.

However, most people didn’t buy one for those features. For most techno heads, Alexa on the Fire TV Stick will be something that they will notice in the didstant future after they bought the thing. The Stick’s main appeal really is the streaming video and this one also works with Alexa.

This Stick is faster and is still an excellent value product that contains a lot of valuable content. If you are a heavy Amazon video watcher, then really, this Stick does not need too much decision making brain cells t be wasted. People have always preferred to talk in to a device rather than trying to figure out complicate menus and type stuff in. However, there is a big but here! When you compare it to its rival Roku, the new Amazon stick at the moment does fall a bit on the short side.

The on-screen user interface is the main culprit for this. Our issue is that it still pushes you toward Amazon’s own TV shows and videos instead of providing equal time to other content from Netflix, Hulu, WatchESPN, You Tube, Sling TV and many many others. Roku is more unbiased in this humble reviewers opinion. Both Sticks are just as fast as each other, however the Amazons version does laps around Roku’s when it comes to voice recognition. Hopefully soon or at least with the next version it will be better but it works amazingly well if you get most of your video content from Amazon anyway.

If you have any queries about this product, please contact us and we would be more than happy to help.

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